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Athena Intelligence

Athena Intelligence

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Athena Intelligence website

A bit about the client

Based in Glasgow, Scotland, but working internationally, Athena Intelligence is a private security and intelligence agency. Since 2007, they have completed challenging security and intelligence briefs in more than eighty countries. They are particularly strong in emerging markets and challenging jurisdictions.

Their intelligence-led operations and specialist training services include:

Security Consultancy & Risk Assessments
Vulnerability Assessments
Fraud & Brand Integrity Investigations
Specialist Research
Influence Projects & Psychological Operations
Atmospherics Data Collection & Assessment
Covert Surveillance
Protective Counter Surveillance
Electronic (TSCM) & Physical Surveillance Detection
Close Protection and Residential Security
Kidnap, Ransom & Extortion Advisory
Asset Recovery
Complex Investigations
Due Diligence

What did they need?

Their existing website was out of date and in need of an overhaul.

What did we do?

TMD were commissioned to create a new website. We created it to showcase the different services provided by Athena and added a search function to support users in finding specific information. Athena Intelligence is broadening its work in areas such as South East Asia and the Middle East, to support this we had parts of the site translated into Chinese and Arabic.