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Glasgow History Podcast

Glasgow History Podcast

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Glasgow History Podcast promotional cards
Glasgow History Podcast promotional poster

A bit about the client

Glasgow History Podcast is a new podcast service available on iTunes and Google Play. Each episode of this new and exciting podcast will focus on a different element of Glasgow's wide and varied past.

The first episode will feature Glasgow's railways. It will bring to life the stories of those who designed them, built them and travelled on them.

What did they need?

GHP knew they needed to create a brand and visual to use for promotion of the podcast. They asked us to come up with something that said Glasgow and Podcast at first glance.

What we did?

The brand was designed to encapsulate Glasgow's history in one design. With no shortage of iconic imagery, buildings and destinations to inspire, it was agreed the Finnieston Crane would provide a good basis for the design. With the incorporation of a digital sound wave, coloured blue to represent the River Clyde beside which the Finnieston Crane stands, the new Glasgow History Podcast brand came to life. From there, posters and promo cards where created, the design of which can be carried over countless episodes.