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Move Closer


On Thursday 7 September, Team TMD visited the GSA 2017 Graduate Degree Show on its final night. 

We saw Longbin Li’s installation Move Closer. A stunning advocacy piece explaining the misconceptions, facts and truths around people who are born with Down Syndrome. An interactive and immersive visual and audio piece, it required the viewer to step closer and closer to the wall the video was projected onto in order to advance the story.

James, our Creative Director, watching Move Closer

James, our Creative Director, watching Move Closer

Li is an accomplished artist and designer who has completed some work for The Marketing Department, so we might be a little bit biased about his work. However, we were moved by this impressive installation. (Chris might have been close to tears).

Move Closer is a spectacular display of how graphic design can be used to communicate very complex messages and promote social causes. Li had this to say:

“We are living in a world that advocates equality and giving each individual the same rights regardless of their backgrounds. However, people with Down syndrome are struggling to find their place in society. In Iceland, 100% of all those diagnosed with Down syndrome are aborted. Denmark is expected to be ‘Down syndrome-free’ by 2030 and these statistics show us the reality that this community is facing.

Our limited exposure to information has prevented us from understanding what Down syndrome really is. We’re filling in the gaps with a range of ill-informed and negative stereotypes that encourage us to characterise them as ‘the other.’

Regardless of the medical conditions, for some, these are beloved family members and friends. This project delivers forty seven stories of Down syndrome that seek to shift our focus away from their disabilities, to see them from a different perspective.”

You can view the entire video piece below:

Christopher Graham