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BLOG: 2017 In Review


When The Marketing Department opened in late 2015, I had only one fear: that we would find clients only in the energy sector, given my background and the years I had spent at Scottish Renewables. During the recession, I saw a number of businesses go under when they were reliant only on one or two industries as their client base, so I knew this was strategically unwise.

One doesn't have a lot of time for fretting in the early days of a business, and I was glad to notice that as 2016 went on we started gathering more and more clients from diverse industries. I am pleased that this was a trend that continued throughout 2017. We now have clients from a huge range of sectors, from childcare to universities to government agencies. 

I've always liked the week between Christmas Day and Hogmanay. It's a time to relax, to think about the achievements of the year past, and what's ahead for the coming year. 2017 was certainly out busiest year as you'll see from our infographic:


We've managed to achieve a lot on behalf of our clients in 2017, and as a business we have had our own achievements and milestones. Here's some highlights:

Celebrating 25 Years

Client: COVEY Befriending
Date: June 2017

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In June we were approached by COVEY Befriending who needed a video created for them using previously recorded materials. The purpose of the video was to explain what the charity did and to celebrate the 25 years they have been successfully helping young people.

This project represented a large technical challenge as the existing footage had been recorded by different people, using different camera and microphones, and some of the footage already had background music and unwanted effects in it.

The video was played during COVEY's 25th AGM. Watch it now:

The Dawn of a Brighter Future

Client: Stepping Stones for Families
Date: October 2016 - April 2017

News article on the rebrand
Isobel Lawson's comments
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In late 2016, we were asked to help Stepping Stones for Families with their communications. This eventually became a full-blown rebrand.

It was generally felt that the organisation's existing visual brand didn't accurately reflect what the organisation does, its ethos or its purpose. On creation of the new visual assets, a full brand toolkit was created to help ensure the brand is used appropriately by staff, partners and funders moving forward.

When the work was complete, Chris was co-opted onto the Board of Stepping Stones for Families, and was then formally elected by the members in November.


Renewables After Brexit

Client: Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy - University of Dundee,
Scottish Energy News
Date: July - December 2017

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This critical policy and law conference, examining the future of the renewables industry in Scotland post-Brexit was held at the University of Dundee on 1 December.

We had overall responsibility for branding, administration and promotion of the event. We also had substantial input into programme development and engagement with sponsors.


Our New Headquarters

Location: 300 Bath Street, Glasgow
Date: June 2017

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For the first 19 months of its existence, TMD was headquartered in Chris' house. In spring this year, we decided it was time to invest in an office. We looked at several options - each more horrifying than the last - until one day in April we went to look at Spaces. The decision was made the minute the front door was opened into the reception area - we were simply blown away by it! Here is a gallery of some photos from our first six months here:

Branding for Glasgow History Podcast

Location: 300 Bath Street, Glasgow
Date: Autumn 2017

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Over the course of six weeks, we worked with Christopher Ferguson of Glasgow History podcast to create a unique brand for his new podcast. We eventually settled on a silhouette of the Finnieston Crane and a digital sound wave to serve as as the basis of their new visual identity.


2018 is now merely days away, and we have lots of exciting and interesting projects we can't wait to get started on. To keep up with us, join our mailing list, or follow us on Instagram for behind-the-scenes previews.

Christopher Graham