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Does the Renewables Industry have a Future Post-Brexit?


Following the referendum decision in June 2016 by the electorate of the UK to leave the European Union, a great deal has been written, said and speculated about Brexit. Much of the debate has been characterised by jargon, economic theory and competing claims about gains and losses.

But with the UK set to leave in March 2019, there is no time to lose. For many businesses, lack of certainty over the outcome is having a very real effect right now on decision making, investment and jobs.

Renewables After Brexit is a sharing of knowledge to inform our conversation about Scotland’s energy future at a time of energy and political transition; a time when the next round of policy choices may well determine what the future will look like and indeed whether it has a future.

The Marketing Department was selected by the University of Dundee and Scottish Energy News to help plan and deliver the event, and we are delighted to announce that the programme for the conference is now final. 

Some high-level speakers include: 


Rt Hon Alex Salmond

Former First Minister of Scotland


Dr Leonie Reins

Assistant Professor, Tilburg Institute for Law


Lord Ian Duncan

Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Scotland


Anne McCall

Director, RSPB Scotland


Prof. Jorge Vasconcelos

Founder of the Council of European Energy Regulators and Member of the Energy Roadmap 2050 Advisory Group


John Campbell QC

Hastie Stable, Faculty of Advocates

The entire programme can be viewed on the Renewables After Brexit website.

Christopher Graham