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Gavin McDonald
Director, LPG Counselling

Our experience with TMD has been so much more than we could have imagined. Their creative spirit is truly inspiring.

Not only did they offer a professional and timely service, but they made that effort to connect with us and our business. Every step of the way we felt like they were just as invested and enthusiastic in our vision as we are!

Thanks to their hard work our dream has become a reality and wither you are just starting up and need help with marketing, like us, or you are looking to take your business to the next level then these are THE guys: TMD will not disappoint!


Will Currie
Managing Director, Adapt Interactive

We’ve got an amazing vision for the future of clubbing and our launch night last shows that club owners and customers really love the concept.

When we decided to proceed with this project, the only agency we wanted to help us was The Marketing Department. Their reputation for helping startups get off the ground really stood out to us - they even came up with the name CHARGED!

We’re confident CHARGED! will go from strength to strength, and TMD’s collaborative approach with our app developer Citrus Suite is a key asset to our success. I have also been impressed with their approach to working closely with our host venues to ensure a joined-up approach to the marketing of CHARGED!

Emma Mell
Director, Sicilian Wedding Day

We started working with The Marketing Department in late 2016 when we were looking to update our website and to work with a new agency who could eventually support us across all our marketing channels. We are a very small company based in Sicily with an extremely modest marketing budget but we have always been made to feel that our business is important and this is down to the relationship we have with Chris and his team.  

Following the refresh of our website we then asked The Marketing Department to help us achieve consistancy across our social media and digital materials and also our printed materials such as new and improved business cards. Last year also saw our participation in The National Wedding Show in Birmingham with a stand designed by The Marketing Department which presented us and our brand perfectly.

Having an agency who are on hand to answer your day to day queries but also to provide a strategic input to your business is fundamental. We would certainly recommend The Marketing Department to any organisation looking for a highly creative and client focused agency.

Rohanna Irvine

Rohanna Irvine
Active East Manager, Scottish Sports Futures

The Marketing Department helped us in creating a three year project report and also new programme flyers and we couldn’t be happier with the finished product!

We wanted our project report to be bright, creative and powerful and the team at TMD were amazing in making this happen. TMD brought so much extra creativity to our report. It was brilliant and they really took the time to understand our work and how we wanted to tell the story.

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Carolyn Mandache
Chief Executive Officer, Time2Dine

TMD helped us with re-branding our company and the vibrant logo really stands out. TMD has provided us with a variety of marketing materials: selfie frames, car livery, leaflets and more. Their interpretations of the messages we are trying to get across have always been spot on, with a professional and helpful service. Chris and James have always been supportive and willing to go above and beyond what would normally be expected from a marketing company, and their contributions are very much valued by the Time2Dine team.

Matthew Welstead, Director, Red Specialist Recruitment

Matthew Welstead
Director, Red Specialist Recruitment

My wife had previously used TMD to design and develop a fulI suite of new branding assets for her start-up interior design business and had been extremely pleased with the results so when it came to looking at a brand ‘refresh’ for Red we were confident that they would exceed our expectations.

Right from the outset TMD took time understand what we were looking for and how to incorporate our company vision and ‘personality’ into the final designs. I couldn’t be happier with the final product and am delighted that we now have a more vibrant, eye-catching and consistent brand across all platforms (social media, website, brochures banners etc). The Red team is really proud of our new “jazzy” image and feel that it provides clients with a much more accurate representation of who we are and what we do.

Gordon Ritchie, Director, GRM

Gordon Ritchie
Director, GRM

Working with TMD to pull this conference together has been great. Everything they design is very carefully thought out and works across everything brilliantly, from our new pop-up banners and promotional assets to the website and social media presences. We're now about to start an intensive campaign to promote the conference and TMD's involvement in the strategy has been essential - having a single agency handle all the creative and promotional work has saved considerable time.

Jacqueline Wilson Brewer, Studio Manager, Premier Labels

Jacqueline Wilson Brewer
Studio Manager, Premier Labels

Chris and James of TMD are a joy to work with, always professional but very friendly, it felt like I had known them for years. We had a total rebrand and the experience of working with them was exceptional but it was also fun, they are very good at what they do. Evolving from our rebrand TMD now oversee our social content, teaching us along with everything else, how to engage with our audience. What else can I say....... oh, hire them!

Valerie Fotheringham, Director, Oakwood

Valerie Fotheringham
Director, Oakwood

I just wanted to thank you for all the care which you took to make sure that Oakwood's brand was smart, professional and relevant. As you know it is not my area of expertise, and I really appreciated the time you took to explain the vagaries of design in a way which made me understand what and why certain approaches were necessary. We are thrilled with the final result and have had many complements with regard to the design and colour scheme.

Isobel Lawson, Chief Executive, Stepping Stones for Families

Isobel Lawson
Chief Executive, Stepping Stones for Families

A while ago, we recognised that our social media profile was at best poor and at worst invisible. It did not reflect the amazing work delivered by our community based services. So how could we upgrade our social media without the necessary resources? With the help of Inspiring Scotland’s Pro Bono offer we found the answer. A meeting was arranged and along came The Marketing Department. This was the start of a journey that completely transformed our social media; re-built our website and upgraded our promotional material. In fact we carried out a total re-brand of the organisation. All within 6 months. We are immensely proud of our new image, our new website and our collaboration with TMD and we appreciate the Pro Bono support from Inspiring Scotland which made this possible.

Joe Woollcott, Relationship Champion, COVEY Befriending

Joe Woollcott
Relationship Champion, COVEY Befriending

The Marketing Department has done a great job for us in a very short time frame. The finished video was exactly what we wanted, and went down a storm at the AGM! The whole process was really easy. I was impressed by how quickly we had a meeting, agreed on the objectives, and worked out the steps for delivery. Then after a couple of rounds of feedback we had our video. It’s gratifying to work with people who are genuinely helpful, consider what you want to achieve rather than push their own agenda, and work quickly the deliver it. There’s a big round of thanks to The Marketing Department from everyone here at COVEY.

Justine Murray, Owner, Flow Creativity

Justine Murray
Owner, Flow Creativity

I had a great experience working with TMD on the website and branding for Flow Creativity. Chris and James really understood my purpose and products, working hard to create a brand image that was spot on! Excellent communication, advice and support along the way has helped build my skills and confidence in managing my website and brand. Whether you’re starting from scratch or having a brand makeover, I’d highly recommend TMD.

Graham Provest, Managing Director, Absolute Solar & WInd

Graham Provest
Managing Director, Absolute Solar and Wind

We were instantly taken with Christopher from the first moment we met him. In a room full of people at the very top of their profession he stood out as someone we simply had to work with. In the time we have been working with The Marketing Department we have achieved much more than we could possibly have wished for. 

Chris is a true gentleman and a master of his craft and put simply, Absolute would not be Absolute without him. I can’t recommend Christopher and The Marketing Department highly enough.

Mark Whittet, Executive Director, Scottish Energy News

Mark Whittet
Executive Director, Scottish Energy News

The Marketing Department collaborated with Scottish Energy News to deliver our highly successful Scotland’s Renewable Future event shortly after the Scottish Parliament elections. Across all fronts - customer services, marketing, venue and supplier management.

The Marketing Department provided a high-quality, pro-active service which was delivered with flair and enthusiasm and I'm happy to recommend them to clients both present and future.

Daniel Donaldson, Director, Legal Spark

Daniel Donaldson
Director, Legal Spark

The Marketing Department worked with us to redevelop the Legal Spark brand and I was impressed by Chris' range of skills, his 'can-do' attitude and attention to detail. Legal Spark now has a tailored message, and a unique presence in the legal market place thanks to The Marketing Department's input.

Hannah Grace Ryan, Founder, The Garnet Collective

Hannah Grace Ryan
Founder, The Garnet Collective

I approached Christopher at The Marketing Department because I needed expert advice on the branding of my new creative initiative. Christopher helped me by establishing my brand concept, assisting me realise my ideas and by focusing on the long term goals of my project.

I would recommend The Marketing Department to anyone who is looking for friendly one-to-one service, reliability and great professionalism.